The Usefulness of Homework Assignments

Homework tops the list of the most contentious topics in the world. Over the years, this topic continues to be described as a hotbed of discussions and for good reason. Many have taken sides and if you are not in support of its concept then you are against it.

Unlike other arguments that involve us vs them, the homework discussion largely rotates around its benefits and disadvantages. However, we can all agree that the main issue that still seems unaddressed concerns striking a balance between quantity and quality.

Even though we will be going into details in this article, do you think that homework is beneficial? 

When is homework useful?

The truth is that the homework concept was first adopted with the aim of bettering education. It provides one of the rarest opportunities for our kids to continue learning and practicing what they have learnt away from school.

Actually, teachers believe that education should be something that can be practiced anywhere. It doesn’t have to take place within the school walls only. However, parents and guardians are still having a hard time accepting that homework is fit to foot this bill. Interestingly, one study showed that most parents struggle with the idea at first because most students take time to adjust.

In addition, these parents changed their mind once their kids’ confidence in education increased. This means that homework battles at home decrease with time and students start becoming more independent.

When does it become harmful?

On the other hand, it is quite hard to accept that homework has its bad side. Critics have continued to raise alarm about its main disadvantages. Some of the most outstanding demerits that homework has include the ability to cause frustrations, family problems, lack of sleep, general exhaustion, and even making education less exciting.

One popular critic of all time even dared to declare that homework makes children less curious. He additionally stated that there is no significant evidence to link academic excellence with homework, especially among elementary level kids.

This means that homework therefore has no practical advantage in the academic lives of students.

Despite this harsh realization, many on the opposing side still think that homework could be instilling good learning habits and morals in the long run.

A word for the parents

The truth is that parents have the main priority of providing for their families. Despite their busy schedule, here are a few tips proven by DoMyHomework123 profesionals to help make homework more effective and advantageous:

First, you need to make sure that the homework given conforms to your country’s or state’s regulations. If this isn’t the case, you should raise concern with the appropriate governing body.

I understand that we all don’t like seeing our children struggling with homework sometimes. This often leads to the urge to do the assignments ourselves. You should strive to avoid falling into this trap or else you would infringe the parental involvement window provided by homework.

Lastly, closely monitor your kid and be ready to raise concerns if you notice any signs of negative health effects caused by excess homework assignments.

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